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Adolphe Sax, who opened new horizons in the world of music by inventing a family of wind instruments - notably the saxophone, which is named after him. Sax’s birthplace, the town of Dinant in Namur province, has done him proud...

Visitors will find a giant glass sax in the courtyard of the town hall. Two large saxophones stand guard on the main bridge over the River Meuse, and there’s a small museum in his honour, with a sculpture of Sax, sprawled on a bench, directly across the road. Initially, the saxophone was popular with military marching bands and Sax won an exclusive contract with the French army, but his business life was disastrous. He went bankrupt three times fighting lawsuits brought by rival inventors and died in penury. It was only after his death that the saxophone became popular worldwide.

Located in a building on the very spot where Antoine-Joseph was born, on November 6, 1814, the Interpretive Centre will retrace the story of the saxophone through an original and playful scenography. The Maison de Monsieur Sax is not a museum, but rather an invitation to enter the universe of an exceptional artist with multiple talents ...

Free visit every day from 9 am to 7 pm.


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