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Maison Losseau, in Mons, is organizing a series of festivities as part of World Art Nouveau Day. Immerse yourself in this enchanting universe through captivating activities, designed for all those who love art and design.

Calligram workshop

Give free rein to your creativity to write and create unique shapes inspired by the Art Nouveau aesthetic. The workshop will help you explore the curves, organic lines and ornate decorations that characterized this revolutionary artistic movement in a poetic and creative way. Go on, let the innovative spirit of the times carry you away!

  • Booking is mandatory

Guided tours

Discover the harmony between the new materials of the time (glass, concrete and iron) which were ingeniously integrated into this emblematic Art Nouveau residence. Maison Losseau’s experienced guides will show the beautifully restored rooms and help you delve into the fascinating history of this artistic era.

  • Booking is highly recommended

Storytelling walk at Léon's house

The youngest can enjoy a unique storytelling stroll, led by Débora Charles who plans to transport children aged 5 to 10 into a magical world where tales mingle with Art Nouveau.

  • Booking is mandatory
  • Presence of parents required
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Monday 10 June 2024

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