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Official classification of an attraction in Wallonia - 2 suns
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The Château d'Havré is a beautiful, ancient building built just on the outskirts of Mons, in Belgium.


The castle was enlarged and transformed several times in the 12th and 13th century by its owners, notably the Enghien and Croÿ families. This superb seigniorial home, designed to be fortress surrounded by moats, delights its visitors with its quadrangle inner courtyard, its donjon topped with an onion-shaped dome and its ogival chapel. It was beautifully renovated by "Les Amis du Château des Ducs d'Havré".

The gardens

Past the castle's concierge house, push the metal gate opening into a pleasant garden with annuals, perennials and shrubs.

Let the Jardin des Sens enchant you: its plants release their fragrances as soon as they are touched. Another garden, designed in the English style, combines yews, perennials and roses.

Activities at the Château des Ducs d'Havré

  • Guided tours for individuals and groups (by appointment) reveal more of the castle's history.
  • Superb flower gardens, open from June to September (pets allowed on leash in the park only)
  • Range of activities and events (including an artisanal Christmas market) throughout the year.
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