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The December 44 Historical Museum focuses on events that took place in the region. In La Gleize, you can learn about the Battle of the Ardennes through a vast collection of objects and exceptional displays.

Collections of objects and reconstructed scenes

The December 44 Historical Museum retraces the last major operations and fightings of the Battle of the Bulge. A vast collection of objects is presented in display cases and reconstructed scenes, which includes:

  • a projection room which broadcasts archive images (some places are still recognizable today)
  • a showcase dedicated to women and their role during this battle.

The German defeat

The region suffered the assaults of the German counter-offensive in December 1944. After the arrival of American troops in the region, the Germans found themselves surrounded in La Gleize. They fled, leaving 135 armored vehicles behind. This German failure weighed heavily in their defeat in the Battle of the Bulge.

The Tiger II tank

The museum holds an impressive collection of vehicles, equipment and uniforms. The rarest item in this collection is the Royal Tiger tank.

Abandoned on the battlefield, the vehicle was to be destroyed and reduced to scrap. While the cleaning teams were moving the vehicle, they were approached by a village resident who offered to exchange the tank for a bottle of cognac, which they accepted! This tank currently sits in front of the museum and has been restored.

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