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The cyber tower (Tour Cybernétique) was listed as a monument, part of the exceptional cultural heritage of Wallonia, in 1997. A fair title given its fascinating architecture! This 52 metres high abstract sculpture is actioned by an electronic brain.

This incredible tower was imagined and designed in 1961 by Franco-Hungarian artist Nicolas Schöffer. Only 5 monumental pieces of his have been on show in Europe. Liège, always on the avant-garde side, has one of them.

A tower deciding when to come to life

This pioneer in cyber art built in Liège his most complex and sophisticated piece. Its electronic brain analyses defined parameters in its surrounding urban environment (light, rain, temperature, noise, humidity), sent by a range of sensors in town. From this data, it decides from a range of actions (light, music...) which fits best.

During its renovation in 2016, another option was added. The cyber tower is now linked to a twitter account. Visitors can influence the sculpture by letting it know their favourite colour, for example.

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