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Travel back to a distant past, to Celtic time. The Musée des Celtes de Libramont will teach you about their daily life, beliefs and society structure through the rich archaeological heritage they left behind: dishes, tools, jewels... Conclude your journey with a didactic walk through the Bonance forest reserve.

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Were "our ancestors the Gauls" Barbarians? On the contrary! Archaeological excavations have revealed a fascinating world, reconstituted here.

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A family friendly nature walk

This 3 km, accessible to all, is sure to delight all generations. The path slaloms gently through the Bonance park and its lovely forest, presenting the Celtic origins of the region as well as the local natural resources.

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Wallonia has developed , a network gathering sites offering facilities and/or services dedicated to Travellers with special needs. 

While this site is not part of the network, it offers the following facilities:

  • Visitors in wheelchairs: 2 spaces in the parking
  • Visitors with walking difficulties: resting area at the various floors and seat sticks
  • Blind visitors: audio guides
  • Visually impaired visitors: guided tours, animations, trained staffs, adapted signs, lightings and information
  • Deaf visitors and visitors with hearing disabilities: guided tours, animations, trained staff
  • Visitors with comprehension difficulties: guided tours, activities, trained staff



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