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Accueil Champêtre en Wallonie gathers 450 families offering the warmest welcome and a choice of 800 countryside or farm activities.

The Walloon countryside has so much to offer... With Accueil Champêtre en Wallonie, you will get to discover lodgings (gîtes, off the beaten path B&Bs, camping sites near farms...), fun activities, terroir products or even farm restaurants.

In other words - Wallonia at its best:

  • Gîtes, guesthouses, and farm campsites
  • Gîtes with activities: fishing, nature, horse riding, hunting...
  • Fermes Gourmandes® (where you can taste the products), farm restaurants and shops to better discover the Walloon terroir
  • Educational farms, perfect for school outings or to stay at
  • Farm workshops or birthdays for children, combining fun and educational activities
  • Reception areas for family celebrations or professional events
  • Countryside trails fro groups to discover the terroir
  • Countryside golf courses to have fun with friends or family
  • Farm visits with fun activities

Why choose Accueil Champêtre en Wallonie ?

Accueil Champêtre en Wallonie can help you organise your stay or activities with one (or several) of the 450 farmers, families or lodging owners in the Walloon countryside. A different kind of tourism!

By choosing Accueil Champêtre en Wallonie, you know you will get a friendly, authentic, quality welcome in a farm - whether to stay there or enjoy a countryside activity.

Its partnership with so many local providers means Accueil Champêtre en Wallonie can offer a wide range of services and activities and help you plan the perfect stay in Wallonia.

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