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The Bois Jacques is known for is Fox Holes where soldiers used to hide. Nearby is the Bois de la Paix, a tribute to WW2 veterans.

Bois Jacques

Listed as exceptional cultural heritage since 2017, the Bois Jacques (Foy, near Bastogne) was the stage of fierce fighting between German and American soldiers during the first world war. Foy, in December 1944, was under German occupation. The American troops stop them from walking onto Bastogne: the 101st Airborne Division launches an assault in January 1945 and frees Foy. Many were killed on both sides.

Fox Holes

Traces of this battle can still be seen - both on some houses in Foy and in the Bois Jacques where strange holes have resisted the passage of time. The TV series Band of Brothers made them famous... They were originally dug by American soldiers, helping them to hide from the Germans who were encircling the woodlands of course but also to find a little protection from the icy winter. Visitors will find a small place of reflection improvised by passers bys and veterans.

The Bois de la Paix: a peaceful place

For the 50th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, 4,000 trees of different species were planted as a tribute to the victims. At the root of each one can be found a plaque commemorating the name and division of the American veterans ho travelled back to this site to inaugurate it. The trees are arranged so that the UNICEF logo (a mother and child) can be seen from the sky, a symbol of universal love.

An immersive experience

An augmented reality experience now offers an immersive insight into the daily life of the G.I's that had to stay dug up in these fox holes.

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