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Located in the village of Izier (Ardennes), the Orzo dairy farm has been raising chamois alpine goats for 25 years, fed with hay from the nearby meadows.

The raw milk, soft, creamy, with subtle floral notes, is then used to make superb cheese. The secret? A traditional recipe, a love of giving ingredients time to develop their full flavours and a modern workshop.

Learn a few things along the way

Follow the themed trail to go and see the farm, the barn where they are milked, the dairy and ageing room. Panels will tell you more about each location.

Did you know?

  • Each goat has its own place at the manger
  • They're curious and love to taste everything. Scarves ncluded!
  • To make 3 litres of milk, a goat drinks nearly 12 litres of water a day.

A paradise for foodies

  • There are over 15 different cheeses to discover: floral, ashed, with olives, rose petals...
  • The shop on site also features treats made locally: jams, Liège syrup, ostrich and goats milk body lotion...
heart We loved...
The goats, of course! They get so excited when they know lunch is about to arrive and rush to the manger. The males have the funniest face, well worth a picture.
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