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Discover the pleasure of cruising through the traffic in Namur effortlessly - join the Namourettes for a relaxing boat ride on the Sambre and the Meuse rivers!

The Namourette is a small retro whaleboat sailing in Namur at the confluent of the Meuse and the Sambre. Each fits up to 12 persons. In season, there are 3 in service. 

Where can I get on/off board?

  • Henri Hallet marina (Jambes)
  • Pont des Ardennes (Jambes side)
  • Quai de Sambre et Meuse (by the Halle al'Chair)
  • Pont de l'Evêché (quai des Joghiers)
  • Salzinnes (Falmagne roundabout)

Accessible to PRMs

  • From the Pont de l'Evêché
  • One PRM space per boat

When to use the Namourette

  • Every day in July and August, as well as weekends and public holidays from June to September.
  • Weekends and public holidays between the first weekend of May and the last weekend of September
  • They also sail in May for Whitsunday and during the Namur en Mai festival

Discover a unique way to go around Namur - get on board a Namourette!





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