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In Virelles, nature has reclaimed the banks of the 90 hectares artificial lake, making it one of the largest reed beds in Wallonia. Come and discover this touching part of the Hainaut region.

The Pays de Chimay-Eau d'Heure, Nature et Gastronomie à cheval entre la Province du Hainaut et de Namur and the Station de l'Eau d'Heure invite you to enjoy a wide range of outdoors activities in a still intact nature setting, by 5 of the largest lakes in Belgium.

In Chimay, explore the ramparts and the steep, narrow streets leading to the princely castle, home to a stunning Italian-style theatre. Fall under the charm of the Pays de Chimay terroir and stop by the Auberge de Poteaupré, the perfect place to try Trappist beers, Chimay cheese, charcuterie and traditional cheese.

The Maison du Tourisme du Pays des Lacs invites you to visit the communes of Anderlues, Beaumont, Cerfontaine, Chimay, Couvin, Doische, Erquelinnes, Florennes, Fontaine-l’Evêque, Froidchapelle, Ham-sur-Heure/Nalinnes, Lobbes, Merbes-le-Château, Momignies, Philippeville, Sivry-Rance, Thuin, Viroinval and Walcourt.


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