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This house by the river is dedicated to the memory of the Meuse villages and forgotten trades. A real journey through time for all generations.

The collections are arranged in three themes:

  • River life as lockmasters would have known in the 19th and 20th century (work, techniques and tools to open the locks manually included)
  • Rural life with over 40 trades defined by tools used by our grandparents and great grandparents, real wood, stone and metal artisans
  • Industrial life, with a retrospective of the main factories that used to exist in the region ( The Crayons Gilbert of Hastière, Céramanova from Waulsort)

A museum for everyone

Adults and children will all find something of interest in this welcoming house - nostalgy, memories or anecdotes on how clever our ancestors were.

Guided tours

Guided tours can be organised should you wish to learn more about the museum's collections. These include demonstrations of the tools. A pedagogic leaflet (with games, drawings and explanations) is available for primary school before they visit.

Discovery trails in Hastière

This special day includes the guided tour of the Maison du Patrimoine, of the abbey, lock and dam - with or without meal (choice of menus and tastings of terroir products).

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