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Come to the Maison du Pays des Collines in Ellezelles: an unexpected world filled with witches, devils, legends and folkloric tales.

A trail doubling as a show to learn more about the region, share a few scares and a few laughs

An absolute must see in the Pays des Collines Natural Park, the Maison du Pays des Collines is a wonderful opportunity to discover how rich the local terroir is.

An owl named "the Lady in white" guides the visitor along the 40 mn long trail-show. From one room to another, you will discover the beauty of the bocages, animated with the work of artists, artisans and producers keeping traditions alive. New technologies together with a fertile imagination will also bring the fascinating world of local legends and tales to life.

After your visit, fall under the spell of one of the local specialities in the terroir boutique, also in the Maison du Pays des Collines.

The Dragon's blue river: an adventure game for children

The whole family can join this amazing quest through the village. Your mission, as a team? Find the dragon, guardian of Ellezelles. It's all about sharing, working together and smart thinking: a pure delight for adults and children

  • Starting point: Maison du Pays des Collines
  • For children between 4 and 14 years old
  • Kit on sale for 10 €
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