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Live memorable adventures in Dinant and in the Haute-Meuse region with this trail-game, taking you through the local villages in the most extraordinary way.

The Haute Meuse region near Dinant is incredibly rich in stories and legends. There are countless medieval fortresses, wizarding trees, enchanted manors and secret paths to explore.

The Maison du Tourisme helps visitors and families to discover forgotten places in the valleys and live amazing adventures. Goon, dive in: the oath of the 7 gems and the 5 guardians of the shield await.

The oath of the 7 gems

Ready? Follow the fairies, guardians of the peace in the Haute Meuse valley and accept Dame Mosa's mission (Queen of the fairies) and its ambitious dares. Challenges await in 5 local villages: Bouvignes, Mont, Serville, Sosoy and Waulsort.

Adventure kit in hand (which contains a leaflet presenting the story, 5 game boards, maps and a few objects to help you in tour quest), the families will have to prove how curious, perceptive and agile they are to solve the riddles and open the magic trunk.

The 5 guardians of the shield

Participants with a smartphone or a tablet can also download 5 mobile apps to access quests, challenges, riddles in 5 iconic locations in the Meuse valley. Be brave, be smart and you are sure to solve them all... These adventures will reveal the rich history and cultural heritage of the region.

Practical information

  • The Adventure kit and mobile applications are available in French and Dutch.
  • The kit is available for 13€ at the Maison du Tourisme in Dinant as well the tourist offices of Bouvignes, Mont, Serville, Sosoy and Waulsort.



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