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Join the Nuit des étoiles, a fantastic, family-friendly event at the Euro Space Center, dedicated to astronomy.

All aboard the Euro Space Center to get a closer look at the sky! At that exact time of the year, the Earth crosses the path of a dust and rock swarm coming from the Swift-Tuttle comet. This formation self-consumes when entering our atmosphere, going at incredible 200 000 km/h speed, giving us the illusion of shooting stars.


Visitors can enjoy many activities at the Euro Space Center from 3 pm on: themed workshops for all ages, conferences, observing the sun, planetarium sessions and many more surprises.

Tips for a full wow effect

Bring along whichever observation tool you might have - binoculars, zoom for your camera... as well as warm clothes, blankets, flashlights, deckchairs...

Get closer to the star at this family friendly evening at the Euro Space Center.

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Event planned for the month of August 2024 (1)

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