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Sounds and texture meet in La Maison de la Pataphonie. Here, daily objects turn into musical instruments thus allowing visitors to become artists and compose their very own symphony...

Covid 19: closed to the public for now.



A musical journey

Discover the Maison de la Pataphonie's instrumentarium: a unique environment with a patatropical jungle, an aquaplayful river, a cave even... These unexpected settings will add a sparkle to your eyes, sharpen your senses and make you tingle to make music.

Designed by the Max Vandervorst, proud of a wild imagination, this instrumentarium is open to all and will wake up the musical artist in you.

Follow the pataphonic guide

The Pataphons will guide you through the many musical regions of this musical land (Saxofolly, Metalody, Xylomania...) in a fun and interactive way...


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