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In Saint Hubert (Ardenne). Frênes-Biofarm has adopted an organic philosophy- as much for cereals and hay than for the animals grazing in its meadows. The meat, of course, proves amazingly flavoursome... 

Raising awareness

The farm organises group visits for thoe interested to learn about:

  • lambs (an Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse variety)
  • veals (Black Angus)
  • pigs (Sattelschwein)
  • the other eco-friendly initiatives (hedges for birds to nest...)

The Butcher's shop and deli

The Butcher prepares everything on site - no gluten nor preservatives here.

The deli offers a lovey range of organic products: flour, cheese, eggs, juice, wine, oil, pasta, chocolate...

heart We loved: seing the pigs, such a friendly, expressive animal...
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