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Nestled in a listed bourgeois residence dating from 1664, the Herstal Town Museum tells the history of the locality from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, through numerous objects and photographs. An educational visit not to be missed in the province of Liège!

Immerse yourself in Herstalian history and heritage

Herstal is also, and above all, a city of iron and coal: reconstructions, slideshows, tools, old photographs and exceptional pieces illustrate the trades and know-how of yesteryear (miners, hardware dealers, blacksmiths, founders, gunsmiths, engravers , watchmakers).

Among the most beautiful pieces of the museum are 7 motorcycles from the FN, Saroléa, Gillet and Brondoit workshops, representative of what was called at the beginning of the 20th century “Les demoiselles de Herstal”.

Temporary exhibitions

Depending on the temporary exhibitions, visitors can also discover the works of renowned artists such as

  • the Jehotte family
  • Fanny Germeau
  • Joseph Rulot
  • Milo Martinet
  • Marceau Gillard...

The medieval garden

In 2014, to commemorrate the 1200 years of the death of Charlemagne and the reading of extracts from the “de Villis” capitulary, the museum team created, in collaboration with the plantation service of the town of Herstal, a medieval garden with medicinal or aromatic herbs, vegetables and fruit trees, in accordance with the archive documents.

Storytelling walks

The museum offers 2 historical storytelling walks:

  • “Herstal in 1900”
  • “Itinerary of the children of Herstal”: that of René Henoumont, a famous Belgian writer born November 7, 1922 in Herstal.

Practical information

The museum is closed on Fridays, public holidays and associated floating holidays. It is accessible every other day of the week.

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