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Just 17 km from the border, the fort of Battice was one of the first locations attacked by the German army on May 10, 1940. Built in the 30s, this garrison sheltered 750 men, of which 34 lost their life the first 12 days of the siege.

The guided tour includes the presentation of:

  • the eclipse gun turret with its 2 combined 75mm guns
  • the operation of the ammunition elevator in the artillery building
  • the start of a vintage 175 CV generator, used to supply the fort with electricity
  • the "overpressurization" of the warship building
  • the functioning of the 60 mm anti-tank gun and of 2  Maxim machine guns (8/15 models)

Visiting the fort

A 3 km trail has been designed on the median (on a grass planted path - weather permitting) and through the galleries 30 metres under ground (please note the temperature there is 10 degrees all year long). The visit for groups can be adapted for a 2h-3h30 duration.

  • Guided tour the last Saturday of the month (end of March to end of November)
  • Visit for groups on request (booking required)
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