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Situated on a promontory overlooking the Sambre Valley, the Floreffe Abbey enjoys the status of being listed as one of Wallonia’s Special Heritage Sites. The building, founded by Saint Norbert in 1121, contains many artistic, architectural and historic treasures.

Visiting the abbey’s church

The abbey, a 100 m long, was built between the 12th and 18th century. The church features stunning baroque stalls as well as an interesting museum in a medieval annexe. The latter presents a small video about the site. The guided tour of the church takes around an hour. Other parts of the Abbey can be visited on request.

The brewery

Its famous brewery which dates from the 13th century is the oldest industrial construction in the Namur province. Stop by to taste the five Floreffe beers which are all unfiltered and brewed to a traditional recipe. The brands include Triple, Blanche and Prima Melior.

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