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Back in 1940, the main obstacle facing the northern prong of the German attack on Belgium was the city of Liège, protected by a newly upgraded ring of 12 forts. The most formidable of these was Eben-Emael, 20 miles north-east of the city, which was designed to prevent a crossing of the River Meuse and the Albert Canal.


This vast triangular complex could house 1,200 men and was considered to be impregnable, with powerful weaponry, more than three miles of underground galleries and modern amenities such as dormitories, showers and a hospital. But in a masterstroke of military planning, about 80 German paratroopers neutralised the fort by floating on to the roof from gliders at first light on 10 May 1940 and thrusting hollow charges - a new form of high explosive which could melt armour-plating - into the ventilation shafts. Eben-Emael's guns were silenced within 15 mn, and the 650-strong garrison was forced to surrender after just 31 hours. The path was now clear for a full-scale German assault into Belgium...

The fort today

Eben-Emael still belongs to the Belgian Army and is open for public tours. Its galleries include a museum focusing on the Albert Canal battle and featuring 1940s military material, uniforms, weapons.

Preserving this fort intact pays tribute to those who have lived and died there, helps younger generation better understand history and reminds us how absurd war can be.

Don't miss...

  • The museum, retracing the attack of May 10,1940. The collections also present the Germans' attack strategy, equipment, troops, secret weapon...
  • The underground barrack, big enough for 1,200 men
  • The glider, identical to the one used to attack the fort
  • The 5 km of underground galleries
  • The 6 defence blocks
  • The 17 bunkers


  • Underground barrack presented as it was in 1940, underground galleries
  • Discover the daily life of soldiers, some were only 18 at the time...
  • Understand how important it is to preserve peace



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