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Stavelot Abbey, the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse and the Eurospace Center in Transinne have teamed up to offer a unique experience - the From the Earth to the Stars exhibition.

Discover space in a fun way

Earth observation, political issues, medical and technological research, telecommunications, exploration of the solar system, space tourism... will be addressed in various forms (visual, 3D, laboratory) to allow you to experience space in a fun and interactive manner. And this whatever your age or knowledge of the cosmos.

There are 5 trails to enjoy:

  • Observe the Earth
  • Go to space
  • Live in space
  • Explore the solar system
  • Discover the Universe

In addition, a apce focusing on Belgian space exploration highlights Belgian astronauts, scientists and companies involved in this field, such as: Dirk Frimout, Frank De Winne and Raphaël Liégeois.

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