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Ideally located between Brussels and Namur, the Château de Petit-Leez invites you to take a stroll through its park, its contemporary art exhibitions, as well as a permanent collection of sculptures from Zimbabwe.


Built in the 17th century, enlarged and slightly modified in the 18th and 19th centuries, this farmhouse testifies to Mosan architecture which once had around a square courtyard the buildings constructed of traditional materials such as brick, stone blue and slate.

Art and sculptures

Over the years, this fortified farm has carved itself a privileged place in the fields of art and sculpture. In its contemporary art center EXIT 11, exhibitions takes place from one season to the other, alongside a permanent gallery entirely dedicated to Zimbabwean sculptors.

Parks and gardens

  • The 5 ha park is based on the original plans of the famous landscape architect Wiertz.
  • Along the promenade, near the ponds and the stream, the visit encounters by works of art and other temporary installations - with, occasionnally, the chance to meet the artists.


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