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The BPS22, one of the largest art museums in Wallonia, stands out with its stunning architecture: an industrial glass and iron casing, built in 1911. Its fascinating program of exhibitions and activities make it an iconic stop for all culture lovers in Charleroi.

The BPS22 will be closed for a few months from June 2022. 

This museum is a one-of-a-kind hybrid building, composed of two impressively large buildings:

  • A large 1000 m² hall which kept its crude industrial look
  • A smaller 800 m² wing which resembles a modern white box

Forward-thinking exhibitions

This cultural space features case study or collective exhibitions by Belgian and international artists focusing on current social issues. The museum's programme gives prominent space to exhibitions that deal with greater global issue as well as various artistic media (music, theatre, dance, etc) linked to visual arts.

The BPS22 also aims at de-compartmentalizing styles and eras from constraints by putting artists and masterpieces side by side without restricting them to technical or historical classifications.

Virtual residence

While the BPS22 is being refurbished at the moment, the museum has invited artist Jean-Françoise Octave to a virtual residence on its website. He will feature some of his archive work until June 28th, 2023.


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