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In this amazing centre exploring space, training like an astronaut and floating around using simulators truly is an out of this world experience. This great centre challenges you to learn to live in space and build your own rocket for a galactic mission. Euro Space Center is a planet everyone who dreams of galaxies and adventures must visit.


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The Space Flight Unit

Half exoskeleton, half aircraft - this virtual simulator will take you to explore the universe. First stop? Mars. Destination? the base camp of Mount Olympus, the highest relief in out solar system...

The perfect family day out

Put your space suit on! Here you can step into the daily routine of astronauts and go through the highlights of space exploration and see how space technology found its way through everyday life.

  • The 5D cinema, Planetarium and Space Heroes attraction will take you further than you ever dreamed to go. Don't miss the special launch pad for a journey to the very edge of our galaxy.
  • Looking for more thrills still? Try our Virtual Reality experience to walk on the moon and mars (extra fee but extra memories).

The Euro Space Centre's attractions are perfect for the whole family and are a wonderful way to connect all generations.


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