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A 2-day car free adventure in Wallonia Picardy, between Tournai and Mouscron, along the French border.

How does it work?

This itinerary starts and finishes at a train station. Between the two, other train stations where you will jump off then walk or cycle. Plan this nature escape as you wish: sport or relaxed pace, visits, spending the night somewhere on the way...

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The itinerary

Walking or cycling, start your journey from Tournai, famous for its cathedral’s 5 bell towers. It keeps many traces of its rich past in its architecture: the oldest belfry in Belgium, the medieval Notre Dame cathedral - both on the UNESCO list.

Follow this with a tour of the Fine Art Museum, designed by Victoria Horta. There you will see the greatest paintings, from Middle Ages to now. Then leave Tournai by the banks of the Escaut river, recently renovated, and head towards Mount Saint Aubert.

The climb is worth the effort: a superb view on Tournai and nearby countryside is breath taking. After walking along the canals and visited the Château de Bourgogne and its estate, you will get to Mouscron where you can admire its Château des Comtes. Nicknamed The town of Hurlus, in reference to a character who used to live from all kinds of crimes in the region during Religion Wars in the 16th century, it now has festivities dedicated to the legend. Taking place in October, it comes with much drumming, trumpeting and fascinating costumes.

This adventure is sure to surprise you.


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