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Ramdam Festival — January

The Ramdam is the film festival that disturbs. During ten days, discover a series of films which are thought-provoking or shocking. Committed films, disturbing films and, in certain cases, “scandalous” films, in a nutshell films you’ll never forget, and which will make you aware. 

The accordion meet ups — May

Each year, during a spring evening, the accordion invades the town. Go from bistro to bistro, the streets to the lively terraces to encounter musicians, actors and plastic artists. Let yourself be transported by the colourful rhythms of music from all eras and all countries – classic, jazzy, accordion, java, punk, Gypsy, traditional, folk, paso doble, tango – exhilarating times await you!

Le carnaval — March

This carnival, based on creativity and imagination, changes theme each year. It is a popular festival which is very successful! Guilds and floats wander through the streets, ensuring lots of entertainment. Shows, masquerades, balloon release, throwing of Pichous, these sweet little bread rolls with candied fruit appreciated by the carnival-goers are all on the agenda.  



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