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Often referred to as « La Roche », La Roche-en-Ardenne is the perfect destination for those looking for a relaxing break with easy access to nature or family holiday with a wide range of activities at hand.

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Nestled in the heart of the Belgian Ardenne, surrounded by verdant forests, sweet valleys and agricultural fields, La Roche is a real dream for story and history lovers. A touching one is Berthe's, whose father was the local lord in the 9th century. Wishing to find her a deserving husband, he organised a joust, during which the young woman's favourite was killed. Forced to marry the champion, inconsolable, she was found dead the morning after her wedding night. It is said her ghost haunts the ruins of the castle still... There is more to discover, of course, like the the Battle of the Ardennes museum, an iconic memorial site. 

Gourmets will enjoy tasting terroir delicacies. The Ardenne ham, for example, made the region's fame.

With its wildlife park, its local stoneware museum, the ruins of its feudal castle, the opportunities to go kayaking or rafting fown the river, La Roche is sure to seduce all visitors. A weekend definitely will not be enough!