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Huy is a friendly, festive city. You will be warmly welcomed at the city's many traditional events and will easily find someone to chat with when relaxing in the sun on a café's terrace. You might even decide to stay a few days more...

The Cherry Festival – the 1st weekend of July

Known for its fruit and vegetable growing, Tihange makes it possible to enjoy the Cherry Festival every year. Indulge in delicious cherry tarts and make the most of the various planned events with the family. A large flea market, concerts, entertainment and so on also are on the agenda.

Festival D’Art de Huy – August

Every year over the course of a week, eclecticism is not lacking during this music event in Huy . From Lapland to Mongolia, Ireland to Tunisia via Bulgaria, encounter unique and upright artists to discover other cultures, sounds and values through surprising, innovative, meaningful and emotional music.

Halloween « Detective Party » – Late October

Come and visit the Fort de Huy during the most frightening weekend of the year! From 7 pm till midnight, you will lead a surprising investigation in these historic places meeting strange suspects. The clues you collect will enable you to resolve this enigma!

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