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The Maison de l'Imprimerie, an active technical museum dedicated to the paper trades, is home to a large collection of printing equipment. Come and learn more about this fascinating trade, which has changed so much since Gutenberg et put your ideas on paper. See you in Thuin!

A fantastic visit

This museum offers an active and convivial visit allowing you to discover typography, engraving and binding.

Facilitators will guide you to the production of rag paper, the manual and mechanical composition of typographical characters and the printing of texts and engravings on old presses.

The workshop

Inaugurated in 1997, the Maison de l'Imprimerie aims at sharing the technical heritage and know-how related to the artisanal and industrial printing industry, from the invention of the mobile character by Gutenberg to its offset in the 1970s.

Make an impression

You can also give printing a try, whether in small and large formats, even get a poster printed on a press built in 1823.


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