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Rockerill is an urban center dedicated to popular, social and alternative cultures in Charleroi.  This industrial heritage built in the 19th century now is a remarkable example of the city's renewal.

4 multifunctional spaces are set up in this unusual location:

  • the Cathedral, an entrance hall serving as a permanent exhibition room
  • Les Forges, an exhibition venue hosting the blacksmiths' cooperative
  • the Rockerill, a concert hall that can accommodate 250 people
  • the Great Hall, a space intended for larger events and exhibitions
  • a recording studio and artists workshops

The flagship of alternative culture

The Rockerill once was the 4,000 m2 of industrial wasteland by the former Providence forges (where sections of the Eiffel Tower were manufactured). They have now been transformed into a flagship of alternative culture:

  • an electro and psychedelic rock scene
  • turntables for the best DJs
  • works by contemporary artists
  • events: the Rockerill Festival, the Uzine Festival, FlashForward evenings, the Flesh Factory Festival...
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