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Hides and miradors, which architecture, always integrated in nature, can be fascinating, are best way to observe the nearby fauna and flora. They usually offer amazing panoramas, all in a serene, soothing setting: the perfect place to rest when hiking through a forest!

These hides allow you to see without being seen, observe without disturbing and blend into the environment. Each hide offers a specific angle on the Bilaude pond, the Fagne in Priesse, the countryside in Huttes and the ecological corridors under high voltage lines.

  • The Priesse Mirador, 5 metres high, offers a 180° panorama on the region. It's the perfect place to see stags and deer as well as birds favouring open areas. The site can host up to 20 persons and is open all year, except during rut season (September/October) when it is closed between 5 pm and 9 am. The mirador is not advised for children under 4.
  • The Bilaude hide is a platform with a clear view on 15-20 hectares, including the Bilaude pond and 3 small feeding areas. The site can host up to 15-30 persons and is easily accessible to all, persons with reduced mobility included. Open all year round.
  • The landscape area of the Huttes is a walkway with a wonderful view on the region
  • The Elia hide is part a project turning forest areas under high voltage lines into ecological corridors, where wild fauna can find shelter. Educational panel in the hide will give you more details about the project Life Elia-RTE
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