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Here it is the village of Soiron, nestled between meadows, orchards and little groves... Along its pretty streets, you will discover stunning houses built in the traditional Meuse style, the lovely Saint-Roch church, a couple of castles and, more unexpected, a shed where thistles are left to dry. Make sure to try the local specialities too!

Meuse architecture

The Bola river crosses the village, making it even more picturesque still. Take a stroll, have a look at the 17th and 18th-century houses blending brick, lime and sandstone. Stop by:

  • the Saint Roch church (18th century)
  • the Château de Soiron (18th century, Louis XV style)
  • the Château de Sclassin (16th century)

Add to this charming touches: crosses, chapels, a washhouse, a brewery...  You will encounter an unexpected building with 160 holes, witness of an activity now disappeared: drying thistles.

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