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  • Folklore and Tradition

This custom is only celebrated in Ecaussines. The idea? The single ladies of the city organise a wonderful tea party near the fortress for single gentlemen. A friendlier way to find a soul mate than apps... 

This tradition, which started in 1903, showed the times were changing: women taking such an initiative was quite revolutionary! Over 60 young women take part every year.

The concept

The idea behind this exceptional tea party is simple: anyone single wishing to join describes the soul mate they are looking for. Girls then lead the way, inviting all single gentlemen to the festivities. The introductions can be extremely funny!

  • 60 single ladies invite single gentlemen of the area to join them for a friendly teatime
  • Each will present their qualities and what they are looking for in the preferred soul mate
  • Ladies then take over and introduce themselves to the partner of their choice - a good sense of humour always is a bonus!
  • The event is very popular and includes live music.

This traditionally takes place on Whitsun weekend.

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Event planned for the month of May 2025 (1)

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