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ÔÔ Parfums, based in the province of Namur, invites to discover the world of master perfumers. Visitors joining the workshop will learn to make a unique fragrance reflecting their personality. Quite an exclusive experience!

A perfume shop, workshop and a restaurant

At ÔÔ Parfums, you can choose your fragrance from a perfume bar and have it bottled in the contenant of your choice.

7km away from the shop, ÔÔ Paradis des Sens invites you to try one of their workshops - with a friend or a group of friends - and create ou own fragrance.

To make the day even more perfect:

  • A fun restaurant experience
  • Gourmet treats you will find nowhere else


Visitors will be welcomed in the "Lab", a magical location turned into workshops. There, perfumers will guide you into making your very own fragrance. Olfactive families will have no secret for you.

In Philippeville

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