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Founded in 1132, Notre-Dame of Orval is one of the most remarkable Cistercian abbeys in Belgium. This historical location is still home to a bustling community of monks and even... a Trappist brewery.

The visit

The foundations of the original site are now home to a museum retracing the history of the abbey. Destroyed during the French Revolution, the abbey was rebuilt in 1926.

Visitors can see, among other treasures, the model of Notre Dame d'Orval built by Laurent Dewez and Brother Abraham (a famous 18th-century painter)'s pictorial work.

The museum itself is divided into 3 parts: one dedicated to the architecture of the abbey through time (scale models, remnants...), another to the steel industry and the last to religious art.

The medicinal garden features plants used in Medieval times for their healing properties.

Enchanting terroir products

Orval is known for its Trappist beer, brewed on-site and very much praised by beer lovers.  The water for Orval beer is drawn from the Abbey’s own well. It is high in calcium carbonate which contributes to its intense flavour. Visitors can see the installations twice a year when the brewery opens its doors to the public.

There's more! Orval cheese is made from whole-fat pasteurized milk from the Gaume region and is similar to Port Salut. A real treat...

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