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Questions in mind? Here are answers to help you plan your stay in the south of Belgium.

What is the pass?

You may have heard of the pass launched during the recent troubled years to support the tourism industry. This is a new version, dedicated to help visitors (from Belgium or elsewhere in the world) to enjoy a wide range of advantaged to explore Wallonia at budget-friendly prices.

This pass gather offers and reductions to be used at our partners', all touristic operators in the South of Belgium.

This is a Progressive Web App (or mobile app), multilingual and free. Our Maisons de Tourisme can offer a paper version to those without a smartphone.

The pass: 14 FAQs and their answers

1. Who can enjoy the pass?

This new pass is free and accessible to all - wherever you live, in Belgium or abroad.

Members of a same family can link their accounts. Simply go to the mobile pass and click "My information"

2. How can I sign up for the pass?

3. I have filled the form. When can I use my pass?

You will receive an email after filling the form - it will tell you how to download the app on your smartphone. Once this is done, you will have immediate access to the offers available.

You can enjoy your pass and its advantages straight away.

4. How do I install the PWA (Progressive Web Application) on the home screen of my smartphone?

You must first complete the Pass registration form.

Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail. In this e-mail, click on the button "I am installing the Pass application":

5. I have filled in the Pass registration form but I have not received the confirmation e-mail.

There are several solutions:

  • It may happen that the confirmation e-mail slips into the spam folder. Go to your mailbox and check your spam to find the confirmation e-mail with the following subject line: "Your Pass is activated".
  • If this e-mail is not in your spam folder, you can send an e-mail to, specifying in the body of your e-mail "lost confirmation e-mail" as well as your name, first name and e-mail address. This will allow us to follow up on your request as best we can.
  • Or you can try to re-register. Attention: if the following error message appears (complete with the correct sentence), please refer to solution n°2 above.

6. How long is the pass valid for?

There is no expiry date for this pass. The offers, however, may be limited in time: the dates will be indicated with each entry.

7. How do I use the pass?

Once you have filled the form and downloaded the pass on your smartphone, simply have a look at the offers. One particularly tempts you? Check the conditions underlined by the operator to enjoy it.

Then, still in the app, click on "My QR code". This code, personal to you only, will show on your phone - simply show it to the operator, who will scan it and apply it to the activity, entry or lodging.

If you have opted for a paper version, simply show the card on arrival. The operator will scan it and process the same way.

Some operators do offer to book online ad enjoy the pass advantage in the process. In that case, you will simply need to enter the 13 numbers under the QR code.

8. I do not have access/regular access to internet. Can I still use a pass?

A paper version of the pass is available at our 26 Maisons de Tourisme thoughout Wallonia. They will sign you up and give you a card personal to you.

Each card features a QR code. Present it to the operators you are interested in on arrival: they will scan it and apply the reduction or advantage. 

9. I have lost the link to download the pass. What can I do?

Look for the email you received after filling the form: the link should be in there. To make things easy, access the email from our smartphone!

Misplaced the email? WE can help: simply click here.

10. I have forgotten my password to access the pass. What can I do?

Go to the  the pass app and click on the lock pictogram "Connect" (right hand corner) then on "Forgotten password". Make things easier b accessing the email from our smartphone.

11. I have a paper voucher from a brochure. Can I combine it with the pass?

Not necessarily: most offers on the pass cannot be used with other offers. It will depend on each operator: do read the conditions on both offers and in doubt, ask the operator beforehand.

12. Can my child use the offers on the pass?

Your pass is personal to you only.

Some offers apply to 2 persons and can, in that case apply to your child.

Alternatively, you can create an account for your child and link it to yours on the app.

13. Can I lend my pass to someone else?

Your pass is personal to you and you only. Some offers can apply to 2 persons and can then apply to your friend or relative.

But the pass is free and accessible to all: your friend or relative can easily get their own pass by clicking on Or stop at one of our Maisons de Tourisme and get a paper version of the pass.

14. Many operators in Wallonia offer to book online. How do I apply the pass reduction?

First check the conditions of the offer then contact the operator. Some will tell you to enter the QR code numbers in the promotional field: it's all you need for the offer to be applied. Pass Pass

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