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In Wallonia, every part of the year has special festivities and events. So – when to go? Summer or winter?

The Best Times to Travel

Wallonia’s most active period is from April, through the summer until the end of October, with a host of festivals, carnivals and classic sporting events. This is the time to take advantage of the generally fine weather and do most of your exploring. 

In December, the famous Christmas markets bloom all over the region. Enjoy our mulled wine, seek out our craft products as presents, and consider a spin on one of our ice rinks. Parts of the Ardennes are suitable for skiing and magnificent snowy walks.


Belgium has a temperate climate (much like the UK) with generally mild summers and cool winters. Pack sun cream and light clothes for a summer stay; gloves, scarves and hats for a winter trip. And don’t forget that the Belgian climate is damp all year round, so it’s always a good idea to bring rainwear and an umbrella – whatever the season. We look forward to seeing you soon in Wallonia, whatever the weather gods might have in store for you!

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