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Nature lovers, contemplative walkers or seasoned athletes: you’re in luck! The countless trails in the South of Belgium promise absolutely stunning landscapes. Wait no more: download our walking itineraries!

The best hikes in Wallonia

Dreaming of the great outdoors, of gems to be discovered? We’ve got castles, historical monuments, historical sites and treasures that are sure to amaze you. So much choice… so where to start?

Easy: we have already selected the most beautiful walks in the region.

Castle walks

Take a leap back in time. Come and conquer these fascinating fortresses, see the view from their crenelated towers.

Our themed brochures feature itineraries for everyone: driving, cycling, walking.  History buffs will love these!

Inspiration galore

We’ve got more: breathtaking viewpoints, walks along rivers…

Our tourist offices have listed 2,000 hikes and trails throughout Wallonia. You are sure to find one (or more!) absolutely perfect for you.