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Alleys lined with flowers so colourful they evoke fireworks, picnics under the shade of centuries old trees, a honeyish scent in the air… Our parks and gardens in Wallonia offer the best therapy you could hope for! Choose from:

Castle grounds

Take a stroll through the Gardens of Annevoie, the only water gardens in Belgium© WBT - Bruno D'Alimonte

Listen up. Can you hear these gentle water sounds? These come from the many fountains in the Jardins d’Annevoie, gardens beautifully styled. Some, the French way, others Italian or English inspired.

The Château de Freyr’s terraced gardens and impeccably lined hundred years old orange trees reflect in the Meuse river. Quite a contrast with nature on the other side, still beautifully untamed.

Come and explore the Château de Beloeil and its park in the province of Hainaut© WBT - J.P. Remy

The park of the Château de Beloeil offers a harmony of water bodies and greenery, a constant play on light and shadows. Would you believe the design remains true to the original drawing, which dates back to 1664? Concerts and contemporary art exhibitions often take place there.

©  Office du Tourisme d’Enghien

A stunning example of landscape architecture alternating between geometry, floral art and hydraulic engineering, the park of the Château d’Enghien features superb gardens and the European Dahlia Conservatory.

Discover the Château de Seneffe and its estate© Domaine de Seneffe asbl - Francis Vauban

English park, French-style gardens and orangery add to the beauty of the Château de Seneffe.


Remarkable arboretums

©  ASBL Domaine régional Solvay

the Parc du Domaine Régional Solvay reveals lawns, beech trees growing as tall as a cathedral, shaded valleys lined, ancient trees, rhododendron shrubs and no less than 450 species of wild plants.

© Musée royal de Mariemont

An impressive 900 metres long alley leads to the Musée royal de Mariemont, which adds rich botanical collections to its art and historical wealth. The park, designed in an English style, is the closest possible to what it was at the beginning of the 20th century. Don’t forget to bow to its 50 ancient trees…


© MT Ourthe et Aisne - C. Mottet-Rendeux

The stunning Lenoir arboretum, planted in the 1930ies with over 1,400 woody species, retains an irresistible wild touch.


Take a refreshing walk under La Reid Bower, the longest in Europe.


© CRIE du Fourneau Saint-Michel

Near Saint Hubert, the Fourneau Saint-Michel arboretum gather species such as Douglas firs, noble fir trees, tsugas and Japanese larches.


Medicinal gardens

Discover the Villers Abbey, in Villers-la-ville in the Walloon Brabant region© MTPVBW - B. Hogge

The Abbaye de Villers-la-Ville known for its romantic ruins, is also proud of 6 gardens: some dedicated to the healing herbs the monks would have collected, others planted with rose bushes collections, hydrangeas, orchards and even a meditative path.

© Véronique Pipers

The Hôpital Notre-Dame à La Rose is one of the oldest hospitals in Europe. Its philosophy, a healthy soul in a healthy body, makes perfect sense when you walk through its gardens. Look closely, you will learn a lot on how each plant was used to cure ailments.


Découvrez Herba Sana, jardin des plantes médicinales à visiter, Elsenborn© Ortis

In the Hautes Fagnes, Herba Sana counts 120 healing plants, grouped by themes. The rest of the site is left to grow wild: the perfect opportunity to discover the region’s native flora.


Green spaces in town

© WBT - J.P.Remy

Along pretty paved streets, Thuin suspended gardens offer splendid views on the town. You will even discover vineyards there!

© Laurène Philippot

In Liège, await the Coteaux de la Citadelle, 90 hectares of hills planted with terraced gardens, meadows and orchards. 

Didactic and artistic gardens

© Maison du Tourisme Ourthe-Vesdre-Amblève

In Chaudfontaine, the Cinq Saisons Festival plays all year round. The park is in constant dialogue with fragile, sustainable art works. A surreal, magical stroll…

The Topiary Park, in the sweet little town of Durbuy, is quite a unique garden: one hectare wide, planted with 250 incredible sculpted shrubs. It’s simply impossible not to be mesmerised! Pass Pass

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