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  • Folklore and Tradition

The Sunday following the trinity, Walcourt invites you to join a folkloric procession, a tribute to Notre-Dame.

The legend of Notre-Dame de Walcourt

Notre-Dame de Walcourt is one of the oldest Marian statues in Belgium. This Romanesque Virgin dates back to the end of the 10th century. In 1228, Walcourt was destroyed by a terrible fire. Thierry II, lord of Walcourt, found comfort in the fact that the statue of the Virgin had survived the disaster. Seeing in this a miracle, he would have an abbey built to protect it.

The procession

The Trinity is one of the most important folkloric events in Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse. The procession starts at noon, the Jardinet ceremony takes place at 2 pm, the procession returns at 6 pm. The city of Walcourt has kept this tradition dating back to Mediaeval times. The Sunday of the Trinity (following the Pentecost one), the Notre Dame military march, gathering over 500 armed men, escorts the Notre Dame procession on its "Grand Tour". 

The Trinity Grand Tour

You can walk the Grand Tour any day: this 7-km itinerary follows a trail of chapels. Walking along ridges, you will have superb views on the Saint-Materne basilica, a gem of the architectural heritage of Wallonia.

The story

Religious in the start, then influenced by the Napoleonian era, the processions evolved through the 20th century to the actual format. These processions are considered Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO


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