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Did you know Belgium hides a wealth of castles? Wallonia alone counts 1,500. Open to the public, they share their story and that of their region with visitors. Discover them through walks in the countryside, historical visits and fascinating events.

 Castles for all tastes

Wallonia’s magnificent castles offer a wide palette of architecture. Some were built to defend a village, a location or control strategic rivers and roads. They usually stand on a plain or on top of rocky outcrop. Others were designed for leisure or a combination of both.


View of the Château de Bouillon© WBT - SPRL Cernix-Pierre Pauquay
Couple visiting the Château de Chimay© WBT - Bruno D'Alimonte
A woman and three children taking a stroll towards the Château de Vêves© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie

A fantastic range of offers and activities

At the Château de Seneffe, visitors can admire one of the largest silversmith collections in the country, set within movie scenes worthy of decor.

Set foot in the elegant Château de Modave, which inspired the one in Versailles.

In Bouillon, stands the oldest feudal one, famous for its birds of prey demonstrations.

The Château de Vêves, which seems to belong in a fairy tale, invites children to dress up as knights and princesses during their tour of the castle.

Don’t forget the Château de Chimay, which has an escape room. While the castle in Bioul is proud of its own vineyards.

Storming the fortresses of Wallonia

Check out our 13 castle routes and itineraries in the south of Belgium: some of these majestic châteaux are by a river, others on a plain or perched on top of steep cliffs. We’ll tell you all their secrets.

Soothing walks

These peaceful strolls allow you to appreciate each detail of their architecture and time to dream about how life would have been there centuries ago…

Stroll by the Château de Bouillon© WBT - David Samyn

Road trip, anyone?

Perfect to cover more ground, see the widest palettes of castles and enjoy a full immersion in this fascinating heritage: simply download our road books and start planning.

Aerial view of the Château de Corroy-le-Château © FTPN - Christian Genard

Fun cycling around

This an excellent option to enjoy the countryside, and wind in your hair and yes, we have the perfect itineraries for you!


Cycling by the Château de Vêves© WBT - Denis Erroyaux

Couple in a room of the Manoir de Sterpigny - sleep in a castle© WBT - Olivier Bourgi

Enjoy the castle life for a while

Some of our castles offer the opportunity to stay for the night. Their comfy, modern rooms prove perfect to relax and let the magic last a little longer.

Immerse yourself fully in the experience, make the most of the gardens, parks and countryside they are set in, try the local specialities and sleep like royalty – we guarantee your holiday will be quite memorable.

© François-Xavier Allard

 Events making the castles come to life

Theatre plays, medieval fairs, exhibitions, Christmas market… each shows a different facette of our amazing castles and an excuse to visit them again and again!

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