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The History Museum of the Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy offers a modern, intelligent and fun journey along the astonishing history of a state of the old regime.

The history of Stavelot Abbey

The museum tells you about the political, economic, religious and artistic influence exercised by the abbey Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy over a large expanse of territory. Even extending beyond Belgium!

Iconographies and ancient music, artifacts and works of art are expertly orchestrated using the most recent multimedia techniques. After visiting the museum and the virtual entrance to the abbey church (thanks to 3D technology), wander from the transept to the choir, from the nave to the crypt and you will feel the imposing presence of the walls that disappeared after the French Revolution.

Don't miss the Espace Wibald dedicated to the abbot of the Empire, the golden age of Stavelot Abbey in the 12th century.

Exceptional remains

Recently unearthed and well explained to visitors, the remains of the 11th century abbey church are included on the list of 159 exceptional heritage properties in Wallonia.

2 other museums to discover

The Abbaye de Stavelot also houses the collections of 2 other museums: the Guillaume Apollinaire museum and the musée du circuit de Spa- Francorchamps.

Practical information

  • Free visit to the 3 museums and the temporary exhibition
  • Duration of the visit to the historical museum: 1h30 to 2h (30 minutes to 1h more for each of the other 2 museums)
  • Guided tour available for groups and individuals (booking essential)
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