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The link between the famous emperor and chocolate? Stop by the Charlemagne chocolate shop in Herstal: the answer may very well lay in a box of pralines.

Here is the secret: Emperor Charlemagne is said to have been born in Herstal... The local farm, built there in the 17th century, is now home to a chocolate factory, which, naturally, adopted the name Charlemagne.

A page of history followed by sweet indulgence

Truffles, hazelnut mousseline cream, orangettes...: all the cacao treats are all made on site. The (dark, milk, white) chocolate slabs come in 16 different flavours, sometimes quite unexpected ones, to delight the senses.

Pierre-Yves, the master chocolatier, is passionate about keeping this artisanal trade alive, while  remaining on a quest to refine his techniques and create new combinations of ingredients.


Exquisite flavoured chocolates

The chocolates made by Charlemagne are not filled but infused with flavours, the cacao capturing, encapsulating the aromas. This process is protected by a world patent.

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The Charlemagne chocolate factory offers the sweetest historical visit.

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