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Interested in a cycling trip that will last several days and is without borders? Try one of our long-distance international routes.

Our long-distance international itineraries are part of the "EuroVelo" routes promoted by the European Cyclists' Federation. 4 international itineraries cross Wallonia using the RAVeL network and local low-traffic roads

3 international EuroVelo itineraries

EuroVelo 3 - The Pilgrims' Route

This itinerary retraces the old pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.

  • Distance: 255 km.
  • Towns and cities along the route:  Aachen (Germany), Herve, Liège, Huy, Namur, Charleroi, Thuin and Maubeuge (France).

EuroVelo 5 - The Via Romea Francigena

An itinerary allowing you to follow in the footsteps of the Archbishop of Canterbury who travelled from England to Rome, over 1000 years ago, to receive a gift from the Pope.

  • Distance: 314 km in Wallonia.
  • Towns and cities along the route: Roubaix (France), Ronse, Lessines, La Hulpe, Wavre, Gembloux, Namur, Dinant, Ciney, Marche-en-Famenne, La Roche-en-Ardenne, Bastogne and Martelange.

EuroVelo 19 - The River Meuse by Bike

The first signposted long-distance cycle route in Wallonia follows the path of the River Meuse, one of Europe’s most beautiful river valleys. Whether starting from the French border near Givet or from the Dutch border near Maastricht, you will pass through magnificent natural scenery and numerous charming, rural villages as you make your way across Wallonia.

  • Distance: 160 km.
  • Towns and cities along the route: Maastricht (The Netherlands), Liège, Huy, Namur, Dinant and Givet (France).

The Vennbahn

One of the longest cycle paths in Europe, on a converted former railway line, the Vennbahn crosses three different countries: Germany, Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It’s a journey though fascinating countryside, rich in history and natural wonders.

The Vennbahn is also the departure point for 16 bike trails of varying lengths (30–50 km) and degrees of difficulty.

  • Distance: 125 km.
  • Towns and cities along the route: Aachen (Germany), Monschau (Germany), St. Vith and Troisvierges (Luxembourg).
  • The "Vennbahn": 125km of cycle path across 3 countries
  • Enjoy nature and the ever-changing contrasts of border regions along a 125km cycle route on a former railway line.


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