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Thick carpets of leaves outside, endless cup of teas and woollen sweaters: no doubt, autumn is here. Cheer up: there is so much beauty to be celebrated this season. Here are a few ideas to make the most of nature in the South of Belgium

Listen to bellowing stags

© Domaine des Grottes de Han

A powerful sound echoes through the forest. Full, throaty, vigorous. Another responds. Autumn is mating season for stags, these incredible solos an attempt to establish authority let alone impress does in his herd. To witness this exceptional wildlife spectacle, you can…

Without a guide

Fancy an adventure of your own? The best month to listen to the stags is September, which is also hunting season: do check what’s happening in the forest you choose. As for the best times, favour dawn, dusk, really cold nights or even full moon ones.

Where to go?
  • Saint Hubert forest, stunning and vast, where observation hides have been set up
  • Between Libramont and Libin (N40)
  • At the edge of Domaine des Amerois, between Florenville and Bouillon
  • Anlier forest
  • Ban d’Alle between Corbion and Sugny
A few tips
  • There will be specific signposts during bellowing season: follow the arrows
  • Observe the stags, but stay at a reasonable distance to not disturb them
  • Be discreet. Stags have a sharp sense of hearing and smell: walk quietly, wear dark clothes, avoid flashlights, sudden noises (car door, phone) and strong scents (tobacco, perfume)

Go foraging for mushrooms

© La Lorraine Gaumaise - M. Laurent

A feast for tastebuds! Fried with a little garlic and parsley, folded in an omelette… Don’t know where to start? Join one of the many mushroom walks, led by a specialist, taking place in Wallonia this season:

Go forest bathing

© FTLB - P. Willems

The Japanese swear by it. Immersing yourself in a woodland atmosphere, use these stunning spaces to slow down, meditate even, really helps you reset. Here are a few forests perfect to recharge your batteries in Wallonia:

Enjoy an all-inclusive stay

Looking for a cosy hotel to nestle in and relax? An outdoor adventure? We got you covered.

  • Les Trappeurs : a cosy gite at the very heart of the Ardenne region, proves perfect to enjoy forest walks and vibrant autumnal colours
  • Quartier latin organises wonderful, themed stays (bellowing stags, mushroom foraging…)
  • Le Domaine du Château de Freux invites you to listen to stags bellowing then enjoy a relaxing night in one of their Sphair bubbles
  • Closer to nature still, the camping Europacamp is the ideal location to listening to the kings of the forests

 Recommendations for your nature walks

Recommendations for your nature walks

Love nature? We do too. Please remember to be respectful of the environment: read our chart

Hunting period restrictions in Wallonia

Hunting season, in the South of Belgium, starts in September and stretches all the way to December, with additional shorter periods through the year. Some species, wild boars for example, can be hunted at all times.

For obvious reasons, forest and woodland walks can be restricted during these times or certain areas closed to visitors. Signs will inform walkers:

  • Red signs indicate hunting is taking place right now – no walks allowed
  • Yellow signs indicate hunting can take place throughout the year – walks are allowed but please stay vigilant Pass Pass

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