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Looking for a kids-friendly city trip? A weekend full of discoveries and activities?

Look no further: having spent two days in Namur as a family, we highly recommend it! Human in size, rich in wonderfully preserved architecture, lined with 2 rivers: there is so much to explore and do there.

From tour of the citadel to a wander through the paved streets of the town centre, via the underground galleries and bike rides along the Meuse… you are sure to find activities to satisfy everyone’s idea of fun.

We left Brussels a Friday afternoon after school to have a full weekend there. We got to Namur at 7 pm, just in time for a glorious sunset and dinner at a restaurant opening onto the Esplanade the l’Enjambée.

A gentle stroll along the esplanade really made us feel on holiday: parents and children go there to eat an ice-cream, the local youth practices their skating skills, couples linger on benches. Here, everyone has switched to a gentler, relaxed pace. The hurried feel of our Monday to Friday routine suddenly faded away…

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Day 1: exploring Namur


After enjoying fantastic breakfast at the hotel, equipped with a map showing the best street  art spots, we headed for the town centre. I like to give a goal to the children when we explore a new location: this urban safari kept them attentive to the facades and look at them in a playful way.

Through sculptures and murals, styles, techniques and messages change: curiosity, here, becomes the best value.

© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie

© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie

We highlight our walk in the old town with this visual trail then settle down for a generous brunch at the terrace of Café Fleuri.

Time to see Namur from a different angle: we’re jumping on the cable car, a short but enchanting ride looking down at the boats cruising on the Meuse river, the monuments and roofs glistening in the sunshine.

Once at the top, we took a stroll in the park of the citadel – green, peaceful, it offers quite a contrast with the bustling town centre  down the hill.

© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie

© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie

© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie

We chose to take the little touristic train ride, which offers a good view of the fortified walls and explains the construction of the citadel.

To learn more about this iconic fortress, we take a tour of its underground galleries: 7 km of tunnels built at different eras. A guide presents a little part, the 500 metres open to the public. Cool in temperature, rather austere, decorated with projections on the walls – it is easy to imagine battles taking place here.

Outside, the sun is still shining: the perfect excuse to take out time and walk back to the town.

Direction le quartier animé du vieux Namur pour un dîner en terrasse. Nos pas et notre gourmandise nous conduisent à la Cantina. La journée se termine par la dégustation d'une glace chez Cornet ou petit pot ?.

In the cheerful old district, we have dinner at the terrace of La Cantina restaurant and conclude the day with ice-cream at Cornet ou petit pot?

Day 2: cycling along the Meuse

This Sunday will be a more active day. Once our bike delivered at the hotel, we head for a 10 km bike ride to Wépion and back.

The Ravel de Meuse trail starts by the Confluence space. From there, you can even go all the way to Dinant, 28 km for a return trip and quite a fun adventure if you are tempted.

The path is smooth, easy to navigate and quite relaxing. We cycle gently along the river, admiring the Mosane style on the bank, occasionally stopping for a swan passing by.

© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie

© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie 

In Wépion, stalls sell strawberries by the water. The perfect excuse for an impromptu spring picnic.

On the way back, we cross the La Plante lock to go through Jambes then pedal along the Enjambée esplanade.


© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie

A short but fully enjoyable micro adventure, perfect with Malo, 6 years old: he could go at his own speed, without any risk for his safety.

That much exercise deserves a treat : we make a detour via La Maison des Desserts to try the Baisers de Namur biscuits and get a box of Biétrumés sweets. The best way to make a city trip last longer is to bring some delicious souvenirs back!

Family eating strawberries in Wépion - Bons baisers d'Aurélie© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie

© WBT - Bons Baisers d'Aurélie

These 2 days and 2 nights in Namur felt suspended in time. The capital of Wallonia delighted every member of the family: a rich cultural heritage, a touch of art, sporty moments, sprinkled with gourmet moments. Unforgettable.

Absolute must-do with children during a weekend in Namur

© WBT - JL Flemal


  • Brunch at a terrace of a restaurant
  • See the town from up high by taking the cable car
  • Take a train ride of the citadel
  • Visit the underground galleries of the citadel
  • Enjoy the sunset from the Enjambée esplanade
  • Cycle along the Meuse
  • Picnic on Wépion strawberries while admiring swans
  • Take a stroll through Namur, looking for street art


Our favourite addresses

Hotels with family rooms (for 3 or 4) in Namur:

This is where we stayed. We had a spacious, practical room with a kitchenette, handy to keep the budget down. The breakfast buffet really offers a wide range of choice. Bonus points for the pancake machine, a real hit with the boys!

Kids friendly restaurants in Namur :

  • L'Huile sur le Feu: varied menu is perfect for children and adults alike. Think Mediterranean cuisine, simple but tasty, paired to a good wine list.
    Rue de Marchovelette 19
  • La Cantina: is located in a lively street rich in restaurants. Plenty of choice when it comes to tapas, perfect for an easy family meal.
    Rue de la Halle 2
  • Le Café Fleuri: where you can brunch every day of the week. We loved it sun bathed terrace, its colourful plates and delicious pancakes. 
    Rue des Fossés Fleuris 38
  • La Maison des Desserts: a long established institution, with an incredible choice of sweet treats and local speciailities such as the Baisers de Namur. You can also order pancakes, waffles, milkshakes (home made with real, good quality chocolate).
    Rue Haute Marcelle 17
  • L'incontournable glacier Cornet ou petit pot ?: parlour with its bubble waffles, artisanal ice-cream: a real delight for tastebuds. 
    Rue des Fripers 3

Practical information

Street art

The map of the town showing the location of the various murals and street art spots is available at the Maison du Tourisme or on the website.

Les aubettes de Wépion

The stalls are located along the Meuse cycling path, just before Wépion. You will find strawberries, strawberry juice and fruit cocktails.

Bike rental 

We rented our bikes from Bikes Adventure in Dinant, who delivered them at and picked them back from the hotel. There are no bike rental places open at the weekend in Namur.

The citadel of Namur

Train ride: 20 mn

Underground galleries: 1h30

Train + underground galleries pass (adult): 15 €

Train + underground galleries pass (child, from the age of 6): 12 €

Booking is mandatory

The cable car

Journey: 5 mn

Ticket one way (adult): 4.5 €

Ticket one way (child): 3.5 €

Open from 10 am to 6.30 pm

Tickets can be bought on site


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