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Fall has arrived, adding a touch of gold, of copper to the landscapes. A feast for the eyes… for the tastebuds too, with many events taking place in our villages and towns. The season will start with Wallonia’s heritage days, on September 10 and 11, 2022 an event free to attend

This autumn, (re)discover Walloon heritage from a different angle

Take a stroll off the beaten path, through colourful districts rich in street art. Enjoy solving riddles and enigmas along the way, the hints taking you through the prettiest towns and villages. See the past and present blend harmoniously through historical visits, immersing you in the experience with technology.

Here is a selection of activities and trails different from usual artistic and architectural tours. Innovation and creativity will reveal a different side of our Walloon heritage: amazing discoveries await.


  Street art trails

Wander from one urban creation to another in our Walloon towns. Charleroi is now well known for its murals but Liège, Verviers, Mons, Thuin, Namur and Louvain-la-Neuve are sure to wow you too.

© WBT - Jean-Paul Remy 
«  «What is an intellectual? » Painting by Roger Somville. » Louvain-la-Neuve, at the feet of the Rue des Wallons.

© Nicolas Atetson

« L'Homme de la Meuse » par Sozyone Gonzalez.
Liège, Quai de la Boverie.


If you prefer green spaces…

Discover our nature immersed art trails in Ellezelles, Gesves ou Chaudfontaine.

© Olivier Polet
Sentier de l'étrange - Ellezelles.

Take a dreamy walk in our towns or countryside, following our art itineraries. Sculptures or frescoes turn the landscape into a parallel world.

These open-air museums are accessible to visitors at all times!

  Cultural heritage from a different angle

Technology can be used to highlight historical gems: it brings an additional way of exploring buildings, adds a poetic touch to a visit. Discover 7 innovating locations revealing the Walloon heritage in its full splendour

© Domaine des Grottes de Han

The « Origin » immersive show: an absolute must-see at the Caves of Han

©  Vincent Ferooz, Pixel Komando

The Citadel of Namur underground galleries: 3D animations, projections, sound effects immerse you in history

  Challenges and riddles for everyone

© Baroudeurs Liégeois & Coddy

With friends or family, explore our communes and towns and have fun: look around for clues to solve riddles and enigmas.

Autumn events

© Stéphane Lhonnay

  • An urban apéritif with friends
  • Explorer la The town with 5 bell towers
  • Take a photo safari in a wildlife park
  • Go to a festival

There are so many events to choose from in Wallonia!

Autumn days out

Off the beaten, foodie walks

Have you heard of our foodie walks and apéro bags? A fantastic way to explore Wallonia and enjoy seasonal colours.

© Just Go - Max De Hulster

Stag bellowing and mushroom foraging

The temperatures are warm still. Make the most of them and join a guided mushroom walk or go forest bathing. Autumn days are full of adventures too!

© O. Lefèvre

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